theincubus (theincubus) wrote in walkingones,

Greets from an old friend

You were off my radar, but I am glad to have rediscovered you through lj. I am a self powered traveler as well. My Schwinn Heavy Duty (this model was designed specifically for managers to travel around the Ford plant) sees many miles in and around our little VT village.

As we're at the confluence of many rivers - Connecticut, Saxtons, Black, Cold, and a few more nearby, we have plans to navigate them in our canoe. I'm hoping to help stock Atlantic Salmon fingerlings into the rivers again. That's a wading job with a 5 gallon bucket of promising fishy guys who just might return to their new home in a few years after they get dropped. I've seen a few that might be my "kids" from years past. How they've grown.

So many things to see or is it feel... Hard to know the difference when you are outside. Yes, human powered is the solution to many problems. I'm there.
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